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Jade, your Awchimo Hostess

Who are the Métis People  Who ARE the Métis People?
Declaration of the Métis Nation  Declaration of the Métis Nation
Contributions of the Métis People Contributions of the Métis People
Historical Métis Clothing Historical Métis Clothing
Art  Art
Dance  Dance
Métis Elders  Métis Elders

Métis Nation Saskatchewan Flag  Métis Nation Saskatchewan Flag

Métis National Flag  Métis National Flag

Métis National Anthem  Métis National Anthem

Métis Sash  Métis Sash

Métis Social Activities  Métis Social Activities

MétisSpirituality  Métis Spirituality

Métis Veterans  Métis Veterans

Our Elders Poem  Our Elders Poem

The Red River Cart  The Red River Cart

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