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Métis Heriones

Not enough is written about Métis heroines.  There is much to read about the men fighting and dying in the fields of the Rebellion and other fights.  There are the stories of our great leaders such as Louis Riel, Gabriel Dumont, and so many more.  What about the women that chose to stay and help their husbands, the women that faced danger as they brought food, supplies and medical aid to their husbands and the men in battle?  What about the women whose houses burnt, and their possessions taken from them? 

There are accounts of Madeleine Wilkie, Gabriel Dumont’s wife, and Marguerite Monet dit Bellhumeur, Louis Riel’s wife, tending to the children and the wounded.  Women ran from house to house herding the children ahead of them and helping the elderly reach the safety of cover.  Those wounded that could walk, the heroines took with them.

Priests wrote in their journals and letters that the soldiers acted in a very rough manner.  When the battle was over, some women remained in hiding, fearing for their safety.

Métis HerionesStarving and living in conditions so bad, nine women succumbed to illness, among them Marguerite and Madeleine. 

Never to be forgotten, are the heroines of Batoche. 

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