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Buffalo Parts and Their Uses
Move your pointer over the body part to see its list of uses!
Buffalo Parts and their uses
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Headdress, Pillows, Ornaments, Ropes, Doll Stuffings, Decorations,  Halters Containers, Shields, Moccasins, Drums, Ropes, Saddles, Blankets, Caps Medicine, Switch, Fly Brush, Decorations, Whips, Toys, Jewellry Masks, Medicine, Prayers, Rituals, Sundance, Decorations Meat wrappings, Buckets, Cups, Basins, Canteens, Bowls, Containers Preshaped Moccasins Spoons, Ladels, Arrow Heads, Headdress, Cups, Fire Carrier Ornaments, Masks, Rituals, Decorations, Toys Tools, Pipes, Knives, Arrowheads, Shovels, Splints, Cups, Tableware Glue, Rattles, Spoons, Decorations, Rituals