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Métis Spirituality

The common misconception is that the Métis practiced only the religion of their fathers (Catholicism or Protestant). The truth is that like the Métis Nation itself, the spiritual mixture is as complex as the people who make up the nation.

From the beginning, the Métis child absorbed the teachings of both father and mother. Those teachings were made up of the Father's religious background and the traditional teachings of the Aboriginal Nation of the Mother. The child learned to live in both the Aboriginal and White worlds encompassing both in their spirituality.

As we see this ability to learn from all of the nations they came in contact with, added to the future spirituality of the Métis.

Today Métis practice all forms of religion, from mainline Christianity to New Age concepts and everything in between. From their Catholicism they have the Patron Saint of Métis people, St. Joseph of Nazareth. From their Aboriginal relatives they incorporate the sweat lodge, medicine wheel, sacred pipe and Long House ceremonies, and many other Aboriginal spiritual beliefs.

Many Métis people, as with other Aboriginal communities, have lost their spiritual connections to the past because of marginalization or poverty and decimation of their communities and their way of life. The healing has begun and the renewal of their spirituality is an exciting journey that many Métis people are taking.

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