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Métis Social Activities

Métis people loved to party, celebrate life, and join in community activities, especially after trading or a buffalo hunt. They celebrated many things by coming together, whether at a dance, a community supper, or at a rendezvous ( equivalent to an Indian powwow).

A rendezvous was usually held in the summer and for a week. Métis people would come from a long way with their families. They would dance, race horses, attend mass and church activities, and enjoy each others company. Rendezvous continue today, such as Batoche, where they celebrate their heritage. In Lac St. Anne, where the rendezvous is more a pilgrimage, they celebrate their spirituality.

Horse racing was a favorite daytime sport. Métis people prized their horses and were proud to show off their riding abilities. Challenges were readily given and accepted, most often with wagers on the outcome of the race.

New Year's Day has always been an important day for Métis people. Individuals pay tribute to the Elders of the community on this day. The Métis traveled from house to house, celebrating with a meal or a drink, until they came to a home where most likely music and a dance kept them into the wee hours of the morning.

Nowadays, the Métis still love to socialize within their community. Card games, such as poker and smear are favorites. Horse racing at Marquis Downs, in Saskatoon, for example, wouldn't exist, if it wasn't for the Aboriginal trainers, owners, and betters. Many people, not just the Métis, enjoy events that include jigging and fiddling.

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