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Métis Nation of Saskatchewan Flag

Métis Nation of Saskatchewan Flag

The Métis Nation - Saskatchewan flag builds upon the foundation of the Métis Nation flag, incorporating only two new symbols: a white buffalo and a tiger lily.

The Métis within Saskatchewan, while  recognizing  the Nation as a whole,  also has a regional/provincial reality, so by building on the national flag,  it portrays we are part of the Métis Nation while identifying our provincial existence.

The buffalo were of central significance to the existence of the Métis who made their life from the land and its resources.  The white buffalo, which were rare, held a spiritual value and reflects the connection between the Métis and the natural resources of the land.  This close connection to the land exists to this day.

The tiger lily abounds in great numbers throughout Saskatchewan.  It is a breathtakingly beautiful flower which has for generations adorned the Métis homeland.  The tiger lily is also the adopted flower of the province of Saskatchewan.

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